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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weight Loss, Exploding Gallbladder, Social Security, Medicare, The Mother In Law, Bioness, Bladder, Wake Apnea, And A Dog

okay, so what's been going on?  I lost almost 90 pounds, have kept it off, as a result of the weight loss my gallbladder exploded New Year's Eve, so I had surgery for that. My health care provider has stopped paying my claims as primary because I'm supposed to be on Medicare. Medicare starts July 1, but I have to pay a $140 a month penalty because I didn't sign up when I was eligible, nice. Just got a letter from Social Security saying that as a result of a random computer audit it was discovered that I was being paid too much so my monthly amount has been adjusted by almost $900. The mother-in-law went into the hospital to have some tests run and they made an error in her medication that put her in a coma that lasted for the better part of month. She is in a rehab facility fighting to get to a point to be able to take care of herself again. So other than that Mrs. Lincoln how did you enjoy the play?

My Bioness leg stimulator has been replaced through the extended warranty that was bought for $500. The straps that hold tight to my leg are the last thing I'm waiting for, seems they are on backorder. Curious what else the straps are used for that they don't have them in stock at all times, and are they going to replace the contact pads that are being ruined because they are out of stock? The body is pretty much shot, not too many things working the way they should, if working at all. A lot of the places that have been numb for years suddenly are extremely painful. Bladder issues seem to be the order of the day, when the urge hits you'd better get out of my way! I've developed this little thing that the neurologist calls wake apnea, a rather bothersome new edition to my old repertoire. Other than that it has been business as usual, the wife still hasn't tossed me out of the house, the kids still hate me, but we did get a dog, Rosie is a great addition to the family.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I am so happy to see you post again...but sorry for all the Medicare mess, bladder, and other new problems that have been going on. I have not heard of wake apnea.
It is so nice to have Rosie part of the family though

Patrick Leer said...

90 lbs since early November? Wow CONGRATULATIONS.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Diane J Standiford said...

You always make me laugh in spite of horrible sh** that happens to ya. Keep hanging in there.

awb said...

Kim – wake apnea is what my Neuro calls it, probably because she knows I wouldn't remember the real name? I do the same thing people do that have sleep apnea, gasp for air and forget the breath.

Patrick – it's actually been since July, still want to get down to my fighting weight from elementary school, around 200 pounds

Diane – I'm not ready to let the Bastards win yet!


Katelyn Brawn said...

excuse me... your children do not hate you! we humbly tolerate your existence ;)

awb said...

Oh, a back biter eh?

Miss Jackie's Favorites said...

Umm...I second that Katelyn. Your kids do not hate you. They are just getting to the point of understanding you! lol

awb said...

Have I no privacy? Times like this I'm glad the boy can't read!