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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Is This Heat Ever Going To Wane, Piano Moved For Food

Summer is here, yay!  Everyone is so excited, they just don't get it.  It means sweating like a father with 5 daughters in gold rush town, that's sweaty!  Means my vision is hazy almost everyday, like the way it looks in a steam room.  Means what little functionality I have in my limbs will be stressed, making it even harder to walk, rendering the right arm purely ornamental.  Means my energy level will be lower than normal, if that's even possible?  Means we aren't even through June and I am ready for winter.

We moved the piano down into the basement, had the boy and 3 of his larger friends move it, bought them dinner for their effort.  The wife was a nervous wreck, what if they get hurt, what if they drop it?  She seems to forget, I moved it with my friend 5 times, twice to the 3rd floor of an apartment, once up, once down.  Hard to imagine I ever did those things, once was capable of great feats of strength, like carrying my own drink down the steps, or moving a piano, both in the same category as this point.  Anyway, the piano is moved, in one piece, and no blood was shed.


Muffie said...

Good to see a post from you! Summer can really do us in -- thank heaven for a/c!! Today in nj is the kind of summer day I wish we'd have all through june, july, and august. moderate temps, low humidity, and beautiful breezes. One day isn't enough!

Karen said...

Heat and humidity do me in. I really dislike summer, and barely hang on until atumn.