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Friday, May 23, 2014

Twilight Zone Dentist, Friends That Offer To Help

I love the world, always something to see, never gets old. Went to the oral surgeon yesterday, 8am on a chilly Baltimore morning. Sitting there with the wife, in she walked! I want you to try and picture this with me, I saw it and still can't believe it. 2 or 3 of us surgical candidates in the waiting room when in she walked. High heel shoes, lime green leggins, a purple bowler hat, and her top measurement had to go 48 GGGGG! Normally I don't discuss these things in this forum, but this time I felt compelled to share.  Oh, did I mention she had string bikini top on? The wife wouldn't let me ask her if I could take a selfie with her, so I took a snap of her license plate, FETTISH1. Man I love this town!

Had a friend and his wife come by today to replace the crank mechanism on two of our windows. I went to school with both of them, nice to have contact with old friends, 34 years since we got out of school, hard to believe. He wants me to make a list of all the little jobs, and not so little ones too, get them taken care of all at once. My strong suit isn't asking for help, that's why it's so nice when it's offered.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dental Destruction, Therapist Must Be Crazy

I was anemic when I was a baby, the mother didn't know she was supposed to give me the iron through a straw, she gave it to me on a spoon, or so the story goes. As a result I have horrible teeth! When I had the amalgam fillings removed in the early 90's they numbered 26! I am meticulous with my oral hygiene, didn't seem to matter? I have a few, OK a bunch of crowns, always something going on. Had a loose crown, figured I'd go in, have it cemented back on? Won't need to do that, running my tongue over it today the whole tooth feel out!  Appointment next Thursday with an oral surgeon to have the rest of the tooth removed.

P/T girl comes today, got a new one, she comes when she says she's coming, and seems to have a plan. Met with the O/T gal finally, had to get that precious authorization. The lack of a plan is what I have always disliked about therapy, it always felt like they were making it up as we went along. She has go to exercises, keeps me on task. I will see about O/T, have my doubts to be honest, some radical ideas like doing laundry and cooking and assorted choirs!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Maryland Grow 100 Challenge, Back On Paleo

The kids are coming over for mothers day, the wife said she wanted her gift to be help cleaning up the yard. My plan is to cornswaggle them into helping with the garden. I am entering Maryland's Grow 100 Challenge, don't see how I can lose? If I combine my raised bed, my bag garden (bags are now gone), and my idiot garden, mathematically I can't go wrong. Now to pick my crops! I'd share what I'm doing, but I don't want anyone moving to MD to steal my sure thing.

We are back on the paleo diet, no more excuses! I figure if I'm going to hang around, I may as well look good doing it? I dropped 90 lbs the last time we committed to it, gained 30 of it back, rough year with my surgery, the mother in law's illness and passing. When I do something, I go all in, including eating badly! I'm not a have 3 Oreo's double stuff cookies and leave the box alone, more a, "hey, who ate all the Oreo's?" So, I'm 14 lbs down in a few days, back down to a svelte 270. Was going to post pictures to chronicle my journey, but decided nobody deserved to have to see that!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Wheelchair Van A Go, Time To Paint The Living Room

So this is my new toy, ain't she cute? She's an 1980 Chevy, about 80,000 miles, purrs like a kitten! The lift device is pretty cool, have to admit, until recently hadn't paid much attention to them. It's a 3 button system on the back. First button opens the doors, second the platform comes out, third button lowers the platform, boom! It started right up with a hot shot, needs a new fuel pump, we'll probably put new tires, hoses and belts on, should be ready to go!

Getting ready to paint, everything needs it! My problem is I don't know what colors to pick? The only thing I know for sure is that
I want some color, no more white, off white, cream or beige. Aren't there books, or magazines, or webpages that show you what color combinations look like together? I want something warm and cozy that people will feel comfortable when they come by, but not so much that they stay too long. Do they make a go home green? 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Free Van For The Wheelchair, Skating Show Madness

Have a guy giving us a 1987 Chevy van fully wheelchair accessible, nice to know nice people. I met this guy a few times, he came to the Sheriff's office after I retired. My grandmother used to say never kick a horse turd, you may be related to it, and yes, she was a female Will Rogers! Anyway, I'm not related to this guy, but he remembers me from when I was a little boy, his wife grew up in a house that was down a long dirt road and sat right behind my grandmother's and my house. Nice to get a freebie while you're figuring out what works, just hope he doesn't tell too many stories about what a crybaby I was!

Big weekend at the Brawn household, and yes, that's my last name, a 6'5", 275 lb man that used to be a powerhouse named Brawn. The wife and daughter have the final day of the skating show they are involved with, the daughter is the teacher, the wife is her assistant. Interesting dynamic, the wife was the teacher for 25 years, she's having an issue playing second fiddle and it's hysterical to watch! She tells the daughter what SHE would do then the daughter does what she wants. 180 kids in the program, 4 shows, watching the wife get a smack down from the daughter, priceless!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wordy Father In Law, To Therapy Or Not To Therapy?

Having an interesting issue with the father in law involving his word choices. The family has him under a microscope since the mother in law passed, poor guy. Trying to show them this has very little to do with his advancing age, 87, he's always been this way! Example, he referred one time to an electronic, colored, traffic control device, a traffic light to most. He also was an engineer, that means he over thinks, over asks, and over plans. Told him once I was going to get a new toilet in the hall bathroom. He said, the hall bathroom, which one do you mean when you say the hall bathroom? I said Mr Jack, we have 3 bathrooms, one in the bedroom, one in the hall upstairs, and one in the basement. If you were to take a wild guess, which one do you think I mean? Doesn't matter to me one way or the other, we get along great, but they have him questioning himself now.

Not having a great experience with physical therapy here at home. Two main issues, my body went into full revolt with the simple exercises and she has canceled 75% of the time. I've decided to push through with the therapy, I'm in really bad shape, how much worse can it get, right? The other problem is how do I get the therapist to keep the appointment, or show up on time? The occupational therapist was due her at 4 today, said she would call when she was on her way. I took a shower at noon, yep, that's when she came, and didn't ring the bell. I'll fix scheduling issues when  I take over the world.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Exacerbation Madness

The secret word for today is exacerbation, a big time one! Everything that is effected, or is affected, should have gone to class more, is on high alert. No sense calling the neuro, nothing for them to do since I've entered the "we'll make you comfortable" stage. Sitting in the recliner waiting to see what this current body coup takes from me, horrible feeling, knowing that when it's over you won't be the same. I'd have to say the toughest part of this saga has been watching my body die in little bites?

This has been a fear of mine since I was a small child, being a person not in control, one that just sits and shakes. Don't know where it comes from, don't remember knowing anyone like that growing up? I had all the normal fears too, vampires, the volcano in our back yard, the knowledge of my families lack of a defibrillator, but this one was right up at the top. I watched my 14 year old uncle die from cancer two doors up when I was 6, but I'm sure that's not got nothing to do with it? I thought you only had to be careful for what you wished for? 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Family Update, Social Media On Hold

A lot going on around here, more than I care for. The father and the sister both had cancer surgery, made out really well, but it was still cancer. I'm rehabbing after back surgery, the time I spent down really took it's toll. I had a ruptured disc, did it sitting on the commode, turned for something and felt it go. I need to come up with a better story, like it happened wrestling a group of terrorists trying to abduct a busload of preschoolers? Doing P/T here at home, the gal comes twice a week, can't believe how hard these simple exercises are. The father in law isn't adjusting well to life alone, 62 years of marriage will do that, breaks my heart.

I got off of all the social media like Facebook, hard to sit here and see what others are doing? Envy and such feelings really aren't aren't my style, but I was beginning to struggle with the things I saw my friends were doing, I didn't like it. Going to start blogging here again, working on gathering info for a project I'm interested in, even if it goes no further it will stimulate my brain, so that's a good thing. I will miss it, but it was starting to depress me more than it made me smile.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bioness Not A Fan Of Paperwork, It Was The Bathroom That Killed The Beast

Had a surprise when I ordered my new gel pads for my Bioness L300 foot drop system. The company has apparently been taken over by gangsters, employing strong arm and intimidation techniques to conduct business?  Knuckles, the representative I spoke to, informed me the cost per set was $11, if, if a paid for them outright. If, if I submitted a claim for Medicare and the claim was denied the cost would be $33 a set! Wow, did I just experience a shake down or what? The paperwork must be a real bitch if they are adding over $200 to my order to do it? I have to be fair, they only add the "fee", the "vig", the "juice" to my order because they informed me that Medicare would "most likely" deny my claim, so they really were just trying to save me the anguish of a denial. Bad form Bioness, bad form!

Pain management doctor has me on a long acting dose of Oxycontin, taken twice a day, here's my issue with that. Dose is so low I'm not sure I'm feeling any better? The pain is still there, and so are some new issues, the biggest of which are urinary urgency. My problem is the Oxy was started at the end of my IVIG therapy, not sure which one if either is causing it? Not much on coincidences, even with my new health reality, since I can't take back the IVIG, I've decided to stop the Oxy and see if that changes anything? I'm laughing as I type this, how in the hell did I end up here? My contemporaries are trying to figure out what island to visit next, I get to decide if i want to wear Attends or Depends?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

House Makeover Time, Left Side Entering Limp Noodle Stage

Time to fish or cut bait, isn't that how the saying goes?  The house needs a makeover nearly as badly as I do!  Can't do it all, but I can sit on a chair and do some of it.  I was a good painter once upon a time, big deal the hand and arm I used kind of hangs at my side like a limp noodle, I got another one!  The reason for the fish/bait remark is the left arm is coming on like gangbusters, if I wait too long I'll have to hold the brush in my teeth.  I also have 2 adult children living home, a lot of my sitting will be in a directors chair, time they learn this sort of thing.  Now to add color, tired of white and cream!

Let's talk about the left side of my body for a minute.  I was fortunate to be able to do most things as well or better left handed.  Could hit a ball a mile, shoot a basketball, catch and throw a lacrosse ball, only thing I couldn't do was throw left handed.  I even switched and carried my service weapon left handed the last few years I worked.  Here's my problem, what do I do when the left arm joins the limp noodle team?  I'd be a little more than lying if I said I wasn't just a bit scared, because I am terrified!  By the way, the left leg is doing the same thing, starting to drag, getting that feeling deep inside.  Can't explain it all too well, like a buzzing that goes all the way to the bone?  Buckle up, the ride's about to get bumpy!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good Bye Miss Dixie, Thanks For Loving Me Like A Son

It's been a tough year for the mother in law, but that all came to an end this week for her, she passed on Tuesday, her pain is over and she is in a better place with the ones that went before her that she loved.  It was a painless passing, as if she just went to sleep.  I was there with the father in law, her one true love for 62 years, he is struggling but knows there was nothing here for her any longer, so he let her go until the meet again.

I was damn lucky to have her for a mother in law, in 30 plus years she was only noticeably mad at me one time, and if you know me you understand how amazing that is!  Back about 20 years ago I found a a secluded piece of property that I fell in love with, took them up to see it.  I noticed she wasn't staying with us, she was off to herself, back turned to me, arms crossed, and I could hear her talking.  When I got close I could hear her, can't believe he is considering bringing my baby up here in the middle of nowhere, no neighbors, think she even threw in the possibility of us being eaten by wolves!  It was a priceless moment, one we relived many times.  It was an honor to be her son in law, and Miss Dixie I will miss you very much until we meet again!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gimme Drugs, and Handicapped Parking Abuse

Went to see the pain management doctor today, he told me I probably wasn't a candidate for the spinal injections anymore.  I said I wanted a second opinion, he said ok, you're ugly too!  But seriously, we are going to try and manage the back pain with oxycontin, party at my house.  Not crazy about drugs as the only option, but he's right, the last few injections only gave me short term relief, sometimes as little as one day.  I guess I should be happy there is something else to try, but at the same time saddened by the fact I'm at the end of my options.

When I got to the hospital today there were no handicapped spots open.  Here in Baltimore everyone and their brother has the hanging blue tags.  I never voice an opinion as to whether someone should have one, not my place, and I don't like it when people question me, but today burned my britches!  Three of the spots had the drivers sitting in the car, reading the paper, sleeping, waiting for their people to come out.  The plum was a young guy waxing his truck!  He must have felt guilty, told me he had brought his grandmother to the doctor, I didn't ask.  Common sense people, please.  You drop someone off at the door, don't take one of the spots, and don't wax your truck, no matter how shady it is.