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Friday, September 3, 2010

Councilman Gardina Answers Chicken Question, Gives Chicken Response

I sent an obvious form letter out to all the local politicos in my area, current and hopefuls. Vince Gardina is the current district 5 councilman, my district. This was the answer I got from Mr Gardina, and my response to him. This isn't my first contact with the councilman, we danced around an issue of a nursery that is on county property, property that the county condemned throwing a few elderly couples out of their homes for a park they built somewhere else. I was no happier this time than I was the first!

On 9/3/2010 11:07 AM, County Council District 5 wrote:
> Mr. Brawn,
> I respect your dedication in trying to change the County law regarding chickens on residential properties. I do not agree with many of your statements regarding the effect chickens and other animals could have on property owners who do not share your same enthusiasm. I do not think that the problems of noise, odor, or escape are as easily explained away as you suggest. I believe that the existing law is fair and protects residents, in close proximity to their neighbors, from having to deal with problems that are inevitable with live animals.
> Regards,
> Councilman Vince Gardina

Mr Gardina,
Thanks for responding, this is the beauty of our system, we are free to disagree. I have been after the county for over a year to do something about feral cats in Perry Hall. As a disabled citizen it did me no good to have animal control drop off traps and tell me to catch them and give a call, and I assure you, feral cats are doing more damage, making more noise, and are reproducing faster then all female chickens that are penned up. As for odor, we are talking 2 to 3 chickens, not a new branch plant for Perdue. My neighbors dogs that do their business that is left all day, or longer, bark at each other, birds, the wind, you name it. As for you argument this is fair and appropriate for live animals, I am taking for granted you support changing the law to dogs only on 1 plus acre. Very weak argument Mr Gardina, the people of Perry Hall applaud your decision to not run again.

Andy Brawn


Jay Pelham said...

Great reply Andy! I got the same response from Mr. Gardina last year when I began this campaign to change the current law. With his views, and the unwillingness to consider the needs of his constituents, things can only get better in District 5!

awb said...

Jay - What a non answer, and who cares what he wants? They all start out with our best interests at heart, yeah, right!


Beth said...

GREAT LETTER Andy!!! I cannot believe Gardina got reelected LAST time, and am VERY thankful he decided not to run this year. We need change in our area and getting rid of him is the best way for that to happen...or at least the best way to start! I cannot say I would actually have chickens of my own, but I wholeheartedly support your desire to have them... Keep up the good work!

awb said...

Beth - Thanks, Never claimed to be the smartest human in the world, just didn't appreciate him treating me so.