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Friday, April 17, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Vitamin D Still Dropping, and The Stimulator Held Steady

The neuro called tonight, yes, he called about 9 PM on a Friday night, to give me my vitamin D results. He was rather surprised that for the 2nd straight month my level has gone down while on 50,000 iu a week. Is that something I should be encouraged by, or scared to death about? I'm hoping they increase the dose and I'm cured! OK, how about I feel a little better?

Tomorrow morning I'm going to pick up a couple of compost bins the County is selling for $35 a piece, first come, first serve, no limit to how many you can get. I'm going to be there bright and early, they better not sell out to the guy in front of me in line! The idiot garden is up and running, soon to have compost bins too.

The girl stayed at school, some big party. Ah to be young again, and feel young too. We just ask her to be smart, put herself in good positions, and call from time to time. She is a good kid, when she is rich someday my plan is to suck her dry!

The stim did great today, did a lot of walking at the daughters college. Handled it all well, didn't need to stop for a break, just not at break neck speed yet. It was nice to not have a cane, people didn't automatically give me that aww, to bad look. Makes me feel better about it too.



Wow, Andy that's puzzling about the D levels. Are you also taking OTC D3 supplements?

In addition to the weekly 50,000UL of vitamin D2, I've been taking OTC vitamin D tables of 2000UL daily. Perhaps you need to be getting both?

awb said...

Lisa I need to take more of something that's for sure. I agree with the OTC part, but they are considering adding another 50,000 iu per week. We shall she.

Libby said...

andy, i like your idea about sucking the kids dry when they get rich...i have that plan myself...trouble is, i need her to find a job that'll make her that way!

Cranky said...

Andy - I'm especially surprised about the Vitamin D dropping since it sounds like you spend time outside.

Pretty wild game last night. I must confess I just turned it off when Brad Penny gave up the grand slam to Nick Markakis. Even that early in the game, I figured a 7-run deficit would be too big for this year's Sox to overcome. Checked back in a bit later and saw the game had tightened up so ended up watching the latter part.

Pretty cool about being a Wellsphere blogger.

awb said...

My cousin started a foundation for the prevention of melanoma in Boston, so the family is conscious of sun exposure. I do,So much it blocked my vitamin D!

I knew the O's were going to blow it, the bullpen, I think we can call that group a bullpen, needs some help. Fun game to watch either way.

I think it will be fun with Wellsphere, after I figure it out! Have a good weekend.