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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Stimulator Working Great, and Time With Good Friends and Family

I had a good day today, took the mother-in-law out for the day. I loose track sometimes how long I've known her, since the wife and I were dating, so like 27 years. I remember when I met her how surprised I was. I was expecting someone who looked like the woman on the St. Pauli Girl beer bottle, a robust Nordic woman! She is a pencil thin, dark haired woman, through me off! We had a very nice day.

I also did a lot of walking today, my legs are screaming! We ended up at Gereschbeck's grocery store for chocolate eclairs, if you never had one, I'll mail you one! We went up and down every isle, lots of walking. The stimulator worked well, but the legs got tired on me, makes it less effective.

We go tomorrow to do the last year of FASFA for the girl at school. The wife and I are relatively intelligent people, but if we had to do accounting for a living, we would be either poor, or in prison!The woman in the financial aid office fixes it for us every year, and laughs how bad we are at it. I told her, I didn't come here to be made fun of! She asked me where I usually go?

We have a Deputy Sheriff's Association meeting coming up the end of this month, we will solve all the problems of the world. We used to solve problems, now we give money to MS walks, other good causes, and keep a group of about 12 or so people in touch, and I for one am damn glad to have it!


Anne said...

I will be thinking of you in Bermuda since I will be in Cozumel.

Bermuda is in line for our vacation in 3 years. So many places - so little time ----and MONEY!!!

Slammermike said...

I am another one that is so glad we still have the DSA

Slammermike said...

FAFSA is a hoot and now this year I get to do it twice