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Thursday, April 9, 2009

MS And the Blues, Leg And Foot Pain, and The Boredom Is Killing Me

I have a full blown case of the blahs today. Many scientists have tried, and failed, to come up with the exact term for this condition. For me it usually stems from not being able to do what I want, and though similar to a tantrum, this differs because it is more about disappointment. I can't come up with what my niche should be, one I've been trying to figure it out since childhood. Oh well, life goes on.

I'm tempted to shave my head today, but am too scared I would look like Buddha, not that he was a bad looking guy, just not sure if that is the look I want. Our Silver anniversary is coming up and we are renewing our vows. Both Mothers are worried I'm not going to get my hair cut, or shave off my goatee, so I'm sure a shaved head would be just right!

The more time that slips by, the less I drive. I mentioned the truck was in the shop, but what I didn't say was that it hadn't run in 2 weeks. I don't drive long distances, that being over 5 miles or so. I also don't have anywhere to go farther than that, except for family, so it works out well. I think it's time to make my solar powered, whip antenna equipped Trike.

My legs feel like I sprayed gas on them and lit a match. I wish that was enough to take my mind off the fact my feet hurt so bad. I remember my grandfather, one hand rubbing his belly, saying how bad the pain was in with his feet. Sorry I didn't appreciate how bad that was then. I also don't know the significance of rubbing his belly, but he often did.

Well, it's either time to clean, time to cook, or time to come up wit a new scheme. The house is already clean, and I just vacuumed, the living room, dinner is going to be easy, and I am fresh out of new ideas. I guess that means it must be nap time, or time to watch the Orioles whip up on the Yankees again, yeah!


Anonymous said...

Shave your head? I have some pictures about 18 years ago when you almost did it and I didn't recognize you. You didn't like it when i colored mine and didn't hesitate telling me so. I stopped so I feel I can say what I feel about your flowing locks. Yuck!!!!

awb said...

I'm talking shaved! Are you talking about when you came over with magenta colored hair and I said let it go gray, everyone knew you were old? How was that offensive? You told me I was too fat to have long hair! I gots feelings ya know!

Libby said...

andy, driving is what i miss most about my pre-ms life! driving was my favorite thing to do since i got my license...enough that i asked to be transferred 50 miles away when i had my first job...well, & i hated the mgr, but that was secondary! so i was 20, divorced with a 2 yr old, working 50 hrs/wk, & drove an hr to work & an hr home every day...and that was the best time of my life!! (the 80's, you know!)

Herrad said...

Hi Andy,

Sorry to read about your painful feet and legs, how horrible.

Think a shaved head is perfect for your silver anniversary!

Take care.

awb said...

Thanks Herrad,

I have a beautiful round head, a HUGE beautiful round head!

It's not the pain that is causing the trouble, it's the transition to pain from almost 20 years of numbness. I will get it though, thanks for your support, and you hang in there too.


Anonymous said...

You have a very big head, why uncover it? You are a handsome guy even though I tried to give you back to the nurse when you were born.You got a lot better looking as you grew. I have a picture of you at a church gathering when kate was little and I didn't know it was you. I didn't say you were fat. You stretch the facts , your pants should be on fire. I love you anyway but not without the hair.Kidding you know?

awb said...


I do know what you mean, I'm not there yet, not looking forward to when it happens. That's why I need to get my solar powered trike, with a banana seat and a whip antenna! Did you see the post before this one? My mother thinks I'm handsome, but I have a big head! No respect!

Libby said...

andy, i DID see that!! and, you know what? that is one of my favorite colors in the world!! just think how dignified you'd look with that! for extra dignify-ing, you could always add a top hat (yeah...that'll go so good with your baldness! lol!) bro bought me a purple 4-wheeled scooter, and that is almost as much fun as a motorcycle!