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Friday, April 10, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Vitamin D, Garden Club, and a House Full of People

I did a great job today, even if I do say so myself. Worked out in the yard like a field general! I had the boy all to myself, no cell phone, no video games, just me and him. He's the one that did the great job, got everything cleaned up for the club meeting tomorrow, looks great outback. I did great in that I let him do it, and I wore the brace, the leg isn't strong enough yet to go it with the Stim.

I need to go have blood work Monday to have my vitamin D level checked, I want to see where I am with it. The last time it was checked, the level actually dropped, so if that happens again I imagine the neuro will want to up the dosage from 50,000 iu a week. I wonder if it's normal to have a drop taking it at that amount?

It looks like 7 people are coming tomorrow for the garden club meeting. I got the rest of my supplies tonight, the pond filter baskets, and we will be ready to rock tomorrow. The plan is to make one of the idiot planters, then if anyone brought their supplies, let them make theirs. I'm really looking forward to it. I also got 2 trays of vinca to plant in the various flower pots. The kid rang them up and did it wrong, he only charged me for one pack, not one tray. I told him I thought it was wrong and informed me it wasn't, did I want to see a manager? Nope, I must have been wrong, $24 worth of flowers for $3.75, I wish I had more!

The girls friend is here, she is a super nice girl, and I am trying to be on my best behavior. They both have the same name, so I may call them K1 and K2. She told us her parents are very happy she isn't at school on a holiday weekend, and we are happy to have her, feels like we are doing a good deed when we are doing nothing.


Paul is a Hermit said...

I don't know...., I think K2 is a mountain somewhere that people go to climb and get killed, for fun. I guess because it's there. :) I never got that.

By now you're outside trying to organize. Hope the leg and assorted other parts are working for you.
Happy Easter!

awb said...

Thanks Paul, it was fun today, just a little wet! You have a great Easter too,


Cranky said...

Andy - for what do you need the Vitamin D? Is it MS related?

Happy Easter to you.

awb said...

Cranky - Yes the D is for the MS. They found that MSers are vitamin D deficient. I have been on it for a few months, and though I haven't seen a difference, my level is still low. I will blog what it is when I get my new blood draw.

Happy Easter to you and Skip,


mbarnes said...

There is much data on vitamin D in MS and many other conditions most notably cancer prevention. Take a look at for some good summaries of the data

awb said...

Thanks mbarnes, I shall check out and see what they have to say, thanks for stopping in,