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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Rebif Injections, Cymbalta, and Let It Snow

I am getting so tired of these Rebif injections, they should come out with a nasal mist like the one for the flu. There, I think I took care of the problem nicely, no fuss, no muss, no problem. The one that is really getting me are the days that the shot is in that part of your arm that hangs down, kinda under your bicep. That hurts like hell sometimes, and tonight was one of those nights. It's getting hard to do the one in my rear end too! Ain't that shot in the ass? Well, you know what I mean. It's getting hard to manipulate the injector with one hand, so until I get my way with the mist, I need to keep up with my OT exercises.

I need to check tomorrow about getting another prescription for my nutsy pills, Cymbalta. I know I'm supposed to say I take it for the cramps in my legs, but it's a double doer, it takes care of them both. I'm feeling a little blue, and I want it to go away. When I started taking it originally, I felt great! I think over the last couple of years my body has gotten used to it, so time to up the dose, I guess. It's just that feeling of impending doom I can't shake. Doesn't keep me from doing anything, just makes me slower moving, just what I need! I have a script for the next dose up, but it expired. Wonder if I take it to the pharmacy if they will call the doctor to get the new one?

The boy is pacing around, wondering if there will be school tomorrow because of the snow. I told him they probably wouldn't have it, go ahead and stay up all night! His mother didn't think it was funny. Baltimore County is always the last one to call it, I mean Afrim Shalom has already called it off and I have never even heard of them! I don't think they had any snow days yet, go ahead and do it now so the parents can have a break in the morning. The Naval Academy is 2 hours late and they live there! When I take over the world, this is but one thing that will be greatly improved!


Slammermike said...

This weather is unbelievable. 6 inches of snow the other day and in the 60's today

awb said...

It was warm enough for shorts today!