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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, AFO Brace is Here, and Idiot Garden Plans

I picked up my new brace today, works pretty much like the old one, with the main difference being that the new one doesn't have an articulated ankle. I'm not sure what I think about it. The solid ankle makes it easier not to hyper extend the knee, and pivot, and easier walk down an incline. It also makes it harder to go up an incline, feels like the leg isn't seated in the brace, and has really flimsy little Velcro straps. I will have to wear it a few days to tell just what I think, and to see if I need any adjustments, I don't think I like the movement within the brace.

It's time to start up the idiot garden, 2009 edition. I am going to have 8 tub gardens, and I think 5 3 gallon bucket gardens. I am going to start my seeds tomorrow, including a 3 pepper blend, yellow, orange, and green. I'm also want to put some hot peppers in this year. I'm going to load up on heirloom tomatoes, they were awesome last year! We are putting in pickling cucumbers, have to make some of Slammer's garlic dill pickles this year. There will be zucchini, yellow squash, and eggplant. I will have buckets of herbs, buckets of onions, and buckets of peas and green beans. There will be 2 kiddie swimming pools, one with salad greens, and one with potatoes.

I want to try some square foot gardening around the patio. I want to put some of the tubs and some of the 3 gallon buckets around the patio also. The corner of the patio is screaming for grapes! I'd love to plant some blueberries over by the clothes line, and a fig bush someplace in the back. I think we will do silver queen corn up at our CSA spot, maybe some melons. We also need to read up on how to store all of our bounty. We can freeze, we can can, and we can dry things. When I say we can can, I mean to put things up, not the dance! Our old neighbor is making some tubs, and he is setting up a bee hive again, so hopefully some honey is on the horizon. Now if I can talk the wife into rabbits, I will have a lean meat choice right in the back yard!


froggysoprano said...

As soon as the stim comes you won't need to wear the brace as much, right? You can do it. Sorry it isn't a big relief. get some rest. I am concerned about the new med for me. I know I get relief with the old one but the tylenol mixed in can be dangerous.

Herrad said...

Hi hows the leg brace hope its good for you.



awb said...

The plan is to work the brace into obscurity by using the stim in place of it. Sorry the new, old med didn't do the trick.

awb said...

Hey Herrad, getting used to the new brace, but it works great, and it's all pretty and shiny!