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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Homemade Compost Turner, Bar Bound Baby, and General Fatigue

I had a fun day, was outside most of the time, making my new handy dandy compost roller. I have been looking at them online, and they are expensive! I thought, OK, I have the world at my fingertips, find a way to make one. I had a 55 gallon blue plastic barrel, so half the battle was already over. I also had the wood and casters off something, I don't remember what I had the rolled. I still have to paint it, but the composter is already loaded up! When it's completely finished I will take some photos.

The wife took the girl out for her 21st birthday tonight. It's a girls night of dancing, and whatever else comes their way. There are 14 other women going with them, my friends, the wife's friends, skating friends, just a bunch of friends. The girl went out with her sorority sisters last night, so she has had a busy weekend already. I told her I thought she needed an intervention, 2 days legal, 2 nights at a bar! I got a note from a friend I went through the police academy with, he asked if I felt old and I told him no. He said I should feel old, I was 21 when I met him in the academy! I forgot about that.

I love days like this, cool enough to wear a long sleeve shirt, but nice enough to just sit outside. I am always happy to see this time of year, but also a little sad to see the cold leave. I just wish I didn't pay such a price for being active outside. I am really tired tonight, and my leg is killing me! I forget I can't pivot on my right leg with the brace on. When I get the stim I think I will just pivot in circles until I'm giddy! One thing the MS has watered down for me is I don't know when I am tired simply because I'm so out of shape, or if it's the MS telling me I had enough fun today. Time will tell, but I sure hope it is I'm so out of shape, that can be fixed.


Slammermike said...

Time does fly. I couldn't believe it when you said Kate was 9 when you retired. That's crazy.

If your having a hard time in the pivot then I guess you won't be able to set the low post anymore

awb said...

Time flies when you're having fun.