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Friday, February 6, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Medicare, and BGE Home Conspiracy

Day 5, no hot water, I'm starting to hear voices. Oh yeah, that was the BGE guy calling at 7:30 this morning to tell me he would be here by 4. The guy told me to make sure I had the HWH part. What part, are you threatening me? Oh the HWH part from China! Yeah that came yesterday, seems UPS is in on this global conspiracy, and China is not closed on Thursdays. This is usually when the guy comes, looks at, and tells me he thought it was an XJ72r HWH, not the XJ72s, this part won't fit, but they can have one here by Easter! If I had a tub I'd say I'd better be soaking in it by dinner or else!

Social security disability and medicare part A. I have been happily strolling along the garden path telling everyone, including my primary insurance company, that no, I have no supplementary insurance. I retired in '96, jumped through the hoops, kissed some ass, and said please and thank you. I received my SS in '97 with the help of then Senator Ehrlich. The SS person who took my original paper work told me the process would be 3 denials, 3 appeals, and I would get it. OK, she was right and I was happy to getting paid again, but what I didn't know was on the day I got approved, the clock started running. 25 months later Medicare part A would start automatically.

For 10 years now I have been on medicare and did not know it! What a maroon! Everyone has the right to be dumb, but I abuse the privilege sometimes. Didn't I notice the money coming out of my check? What did I think when I received my new medicare card each year? Why wasn't I more attentive? Shandra at SS told me it looked like I had never been sent a red and white card for some reason? Part A is free, nothing comes out of my check. The anesthesiologist that knocked me out in September when they took the chemo port out is probably pissed she hasn't been paid. I bet the insurance company is too, since they aren't my primary any more, haven't been for 10 years! I am just thrilled none of this effects the families health insurance, which is still in my name.


herrad said...

What a post hope you have hot water again soon.Brilliant W.C.Fields link thanks alot.
Will add your link to my blog.
my partner/carer's blog is

awb said...

Thanks, the HWH is fixed, and we are once again basking in the 21st century. Thanks for stopping in, I'm practicing to juggle like WC, about 120 years and I should have it! I hope the best for you both.

Merelyme said...

You don't realize what luxuries we have...such as hot water or running water for that matter...until something goes wrong. Just stopping by to say hello and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!