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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis, Occupational Therapy, and Being at the Mercy of the Man

Day 4, only minimal hot water. I have to go down periodically, lay on the floor and restart the HWH. It only stays lit, if it lights at all, for about 10 minutes. The boy has been showering at the sister-in-laws house, as has the wife. Haha, as has, that made me snicker! I however refuse to leave Castle Jug, and am determined to wait out BGE! Who is it exactly they think they are dealing with? I was debating if this may call for me to morph into my grandfather and cornsnarfle the first representative I could reach at BGE? Luckily I didn't make a fool of myself by ripping into some unsuspecting clerk, or Secretary with whom I have no dispute, because they called and explained the entire situation to me. The part for my HWH was shipped, overnight from China, to New Jersey!

I don't think I've ever even been to New Jersey, and I'm sure my HWH hasn't! Seems there was a mix up with the product registration, my heater says it belongs to a hair salon in Hoboken. That's OK, because they are a business my warranty has been voided anyway! WHAAAAA? It seems the recalled part the guy replaced on day 2 has been recalled. Not a problem, overnight me another and we will at least be in business tomorrow. Not so fast showerless boy, China doesn't ship on Thursdays,. What are they closed? If I knew it was going to go this long I would have sold the house! I am waiting for the installation supervisor to call me with the new schedule.

I have therapy at 3 today, I'm not sure I need it, I've been throwing stuff at the hot water heater all morning, so I'm pretty loose! I should go to therapy with the same clothes I had on the other day and see if anyone notices. The therapy has been exhausting on many levels. My hand is nothing more then a mallet when I finish, and the hand exercises take their toll emotionally. When I started my hope was to get a little more flexibility and strength in my right leg. I wasn't aware of how many things I couldn't do with my right hand anymore. I can't cross my fingers, or snap my fingers. I can't manipulate more then 1 thing in that hand at a time, and even that one is a struggle. Even with my fancy new pen, communicating in writing is a struggle. I just hope my hand is rested enough that I can communicate with it when the BGE guy finally gets here!

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