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Friday, August 29, 2008

I Found A LDN Pharmacy, And How Much Experience Does A Presidential Candidate Need?

Are they making too much about the lack of experience Obama has on the one side and Palin has on the other? I think so, what does it really matter? Good or bad at what they do doesn't mean a thing, as long as they have the right people around them to tell them what to do. Did Truman drop the A-Bomb on his own, or did he have advisers to, well to advise him? Did Kennedy figure out how to go to the moon on his own? Saturday Night Live did a skit one time about Reagan. He bumbled around the oval office until it was only staff, then he did all the work as his advisers coward and worried about what to do.

The pilot and copilot of each team have one job at this point, get elected. That's what these conventions are all about, gamesmanship. It's not a question of if they can do the job, it's all about who is the most likable. Obama's team was coming off of their conclave on a roll. They said the right things, had the right people, wore the right buttons. Then today McCain's team made a left handed bank shot. They gave the women someone to vote for in place of Clinton and someone right enough to make McCain look not so left. Who cares if she only has a few months more experience then me? The R's stole the D's thunder and momentum today, well played!

I also had a productive day. I went up to Kaye's Pharmacy on Belair Rd to find out if they could compound LDN for me I have heard how hard it was to find a place to have the medicine made up. I hope this is a sign of things to come. Kaye's not only does it, they can do it in any dosage the doctor prescribes, and it's covered by insurance! Swish and swish! Now all I have to do is find a doctor to write me a script. I go on Tuesday to my primary, keep your fingers crossed and I may be cured by Wednesday of next week!


looneylinda said...

Good luck, hope this helps. maybe you could run in the next election.

Slammermike said...

Now that would be an interesting Election!!!! Jughead for President!!! I like the idea