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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Better Idiot Proof Garden System

These guys have idiot gardening down to a science! I am going to explore the watering system after, and if I ever get my bathroom finished! Read that garden site, I like it when people admit they don't know what things are called, or why they work. It's interesting. We are off to farmers markets tomorrow, yippy!

Oh yeah, one convention down, one to go. I could have put each one on for the cost of a camera and an Internet connection! The money that was wasted distresses me beyond words. I'm sure the other team's pep rally will be as opulent as this one was. It would have showed real balls for one of the teams to have had their convention online and sent every registered voter a $5 gas coupon they could print out and use. Guys, you missed your chance to shine!


Anonymous said...

Here, Here!!!

Slammermike said...

Maybe what they need is Idiot Proof politics!!!
Imagine all the trees that were destroyed for all those signs.

That doesn't seem very "Green" to me

awb said...

What's the opposite of saying something is green? Call
Al Gore, maybe he came up with a name for that when he invented the Internets?