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Monday, June 24, 2019

Arms Almost as Dead as My Legs

     I think back to when all of this started , I began to prepare myself for the day that I could no longer walk. I thought I had done a good job mentally preparing myself for what sounded like an inevitable future. I’ll tell you something that never crossed my mind, my arms and hands. I honestly never even considered it. Imagine my surprise one day when I was putting on my deodorant and had a hard time holding my arm up. I have prided myself in how I have been able to adjust to the little things, I now put my right arm on the windowsill to apply my deodorant, problem solved. The problem is, like my legs, things started on my right side, then gradually migrated to the left. The right arm on the windowsill was possible because I lifted it there with my right arm, that is getting harder to do. I have begun to drop things with my left hand, not aware they are no longer there. This realization is not a new one, 25 years ago I switched carrying my service weapon from the right side to the left, it got me 3 extra years at work. The problem is I am fresh out of arms. I am trying to prepare myself for what happens when the left side is as dead as the right, it’s somewhat of a hard thing to do. I will do my best, just not sure how much more I have in me?

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Sandy Richter said...

Praying for you Andy