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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good Bye Miss Dixie, Thanks For Loving Me Like A Son

It's been a tough year for the mother in law, but that all came to an end this week for her, she passed on Tuesday, her pain is over and she is in a better place with the ones that went before her that she loved.  It was a painless passing, as if she just went to sleep.  I was there with the father in law, her one true love for 62 years, he is struggling but knows there was nothing here for her any longer, so he let her go until the meet again.

I was damn lucky to have her for a mother in law, in 30 plus years she was only noticeably mad at me one time, and if you know me you understand how amazing that is!  Back about 20 years ago I found a a secluded piece of property that I fell in love with, took them up to see it.  I noticed she wasn't staying with us, she was off to herself, back turned to me, arms crossed, and I could hear her talking.  When I got close I could hear her, can't believe he is considering bringing my baby up here in the middle of nowhere, no neighbors, think she even threw in the possibility of us being eaten by wolves!  It was a priceless moment, one we relived many times.  It was an honor to be her son in law, and Miss Dixie I will miss you very much until we meet again!


Muffie said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you'll have wonderful memories of her that must keep you going.

awb said...

Muff - Thanks, we're lucky, have tons of those!