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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gimme Drugs, and Handicapped Parking Abuse

Went to see the pain management doctor today, he told me I probably wasn't a candidate for the spinal injections anymore.  I said I wanted a second opinion, he said ok, you're ugly too!  But seriously, we are going to try and manage the back pain with oxycontin, party at my house.  Not crazy about drugs as the only option, but he's right, the last few injections only gave me short term relief, sometimes as little as one day.  I guess I should be happy there is something else to try, but at the same time saddened by the fact I'm at the end of my options.

When I got to the hospital today there were no handicapped spots open.  Here in Baltimore everyone and their brother has the hanging blue tags.  I never voice an opinion as to whether someone should have one, not my place, and I don't like it when people question me, but today burned my britches!  Three of the spots had the drivers sitting in the car, reading the paper, sleeping, waiting for their people to come out.  The plum was a young guy waxing his truck!  He must have felt guilty, told me he had brought his grandmother to the doctor, I didn't ask.  Common sense people, please.  You drop someone off at the door, don't take one of the spots, and don't wax your truck, no matter how shady it is.

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