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Friday, September 13, 2013

Power Of Positive Thinking, Go O's

What a beautiful day here in Baltimore!  A/C off, windows open, me and the dog are wrestling, life is good.  The boy got off of work early, brought me home a soda, if I knew kids were this useful I'd of had more!  The girl starts back to skating tomorrow,she is elated about that, and can use it.  The guy she was pretty serious about broke up with her and said he needed to concentrate on his children, oh yeah, I have a few children, forgot to mention that!  Still trying to figure out a way to make his life miserable, but for today it's sunshine and lollipops, hope everyone else is enjoying this beautiful day.

What's happening to my Orioles, they are folding like a...what folds easily and at a time you don't want it to?  Whatever it is, that's what they're doing!  Everything seems to be going wrong, from pitching to hitting.  They are still on pace to the least amount of errors in a season, but I'm afraid they are running out of time and games.  Not giving up yet, there's still time, they just have to stop giving away games.  Best part about baseball is it gives me 162 days with something to do!


Muffie said...

I love baseball, too, but my Phillies were awful this year. Oh, well, there's always next year! After the '08 World Championship, I can't get used to the other side -- losing!

awb said...

My cousin's husband pitched for Philly

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I now wish I could have had more kids...but could not at the time and did not want more when I was in the heat of the battle to raise them. It is nice weather here too

awb said...

Kim - they aren't half bad, are they?