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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fundraiser For A Friend, and Very Proud Of The Father In Law

Having a fundraiser for a guy I went to school with, he has pancreatic cancer and is pursuing a less traditional form of treatment.  His sister put together a crab feasf for the winner, two bushels of steamed crabs, five pounds of steamed shrimp, and two cases of beer.  I got in the game late but was able to sell sixty-five tickets to friends and family at $10 a pop, so I'm happy to have been able to pitch in.  Found a useful thing to use Facebook for, now to get invited to the winners house for crabs!

Bitter sweet day tomorrow, the in laws house was sold and settlement is tomorrow for the new owners.  The father in law is having a particularly tough time with the whole thing, not that he will miss the house, but rather that he failed to take care of the mother in law.  We keep trying to tell him what an incredible job he did, but he will have to work that one out in his own mind.  In the mean time she is safe and secure in a very nice facility that takes wonderful care of her.  He is located in an apartment just a stones throw away from her.  The cost for this is a whopping$450,000!  He provided that and has a tiddy sum left over, like I said, he did a great job talking care of her, just wish he saw it that way.

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