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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Took A Tumble, Rosie To The Vet

     Took a tumble the other day, tripped over the dog, I went down like a Kennedy!  Tried to step over her tail, was so close to making it too.  Not as sure footed as I once was, not by a long shot!  Skinned my elbow, hurt my back, probably did tons of internal damage, but I'm tough, I can handle it.  No more Mr nice guy, I wait for her to move out of my way now.

Speaking of the dog, did I mention she will eat anything?  Sticks are her absolute favorite, followed closely by anything paper.  She recently discovered drink coasters, brings them to us as happy as a clam!  She appears to have swallowed a 1/2 inch felt one, at least that's what the xray shows.  Waiting to hear if they are removing the contents of her stomach by endoscope today?  Was I the one who said I should have done this a long time ago?


doug martin said...

Andy I am happy to see that through everything that you've been through that you have kept your sense of humor.

Muffie said...

sorry for the fall, but glad to hear you're okay.. our kasey is the same -- eats twigs and paper!

awb said...

Hey Doug, happy birthday! Don't have much of a choice, I gots to be me.

Muff - It's what I get for trying to step over her tail!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

These tumbles hurt...glad you are tough though:)
our dogs do the same but no xray kind of things

awb said...

Kim - We did the xray thing because she's not eating much, sticks and paper yes, food no.