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Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm Bored To Tears, And Rosie Is The Best Girl Dog In Perry Hall

What to do, what to do?  Getting harder with each passing day to answer that question.  I've read every page on the internet, played every game, so what do I do now?  We haven't opened the pool, the wife is so busy running with her parents it didn't seem worth it?  "My" garden is a joke this year for the same reason, only thing I did was my lettuce table and that's played out already.  The boredom is becoming as much an issue as the pain and dysfunction, been home now almost 16 years, running out of things to do.  Not a people person, the local clubs send me thank you cards periodically for staying away, need to find my "thing".

Rosie has been a great addition to the family!  Now when I talk during the day there is a living thing to respond to me.  Yeah, she gives me the same vacant stare most humans give me, but she is by my side all day until the wife gets home.  Sure, she ate my shoes and my favorite hat, and all the remote controls, and all the throw pillows, and anything paper she can get her paws on, but who among us hasn't had that same urge?  She loves tomatoes and carrots, especially if the tomato is on the perfect sammich you constructed with your favorite ingredients and left it on the table to run to the bathroom.  If she is off somewhere in the house and someone rings the doorbell she runs to me and sits while barking to protect me.  Yeah, should have done it a long time ago!


Anonymous said...

Have old pictures you can scan or videos to transfer to DVD? (see my blog on how to's) I spent lots of hours doing that, putting family history stuff on the computer, making a family cookbook - there's so much that can be done on the computer. Sounds like you did a great job training your dog - wish ours minded so well.

awb said...

Climbing - She actually is well trained, most of those things were when we first got her, I tend to exaggerate!