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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Time For A Haircut, Dealing With Aging Parents

I gave in today and got rid of the hair, no more cool guy status, no more skate rats calling me dude.  It will be cooler, temperature wise and a good bit easier to take care of.  It's was getting harder to do the hair in the shower, holding my arms up, especially the right, was wearing me out.  Now I'm built for speed, in and out, that's my motto!

This whole ordeal with the inlaws is a surreal nightmare, to say the least!  How life can change in 6 short months, for everyone.  Don't want to say the mother in law is the least affected, but with her memory and cognitive issues she seems to have adapted well?  It's the father in law we are concerned with, from drastic weight loss, to losing his get up and go.  Hard to watch, particularly when they were such active, vibrant people.

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