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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Kids Have Jobs, And Medical Marijuana Law In Maryland A Joke

Both my minions, both the kids, have full time jobs, both with benefits, both excited to leave the house today.  My first job was running numbers when I was 5 with my grandfather, I'd run into the High's store to get a brown paper bag and a cookie, but I digress!  I hope the boy turns this into a career and that the girl sees she needs to finish her education.  A father can hope?

Doctors appointments are on my horizon, making up for not having insurance since January.  Going to ask about medical marijuana for the pain?  MD just past laws reducing the penalty for patients that use it with a doctors blessing, saying it's OK to use and possess it, but if you get caught buying it you are subject to arrest.  Wait, let me read that again... Yep, that what it say!  So it's still not illegal to smoke marijuana in MD, and it's OK to possess it MD, it's just still illegal to buy it!  Wouldn't it be easier to just let me go to Walgreens pick it up with a KitKat bar?


Muffie said...

I doubt they'll ever make it easy to have marijuana. Here in NJ, it's been legal for quite awhile, but there's no place in my area to get it.

Karen said...

Medical marijuana is legal here in Canada. You need a licence to grow it, and doc's prescription to buy it, with those it's home free.

I looked into it for MS pain management and spasms, but it's so much stronger these days, than in those of my youth, that I decided it might just blow my mind.

With all my other disabilities, I reckon I should at least try to keep my mind intact! ;)