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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Quit

Heavily debating becoming a shut in?  Not feeling a strong urge to go anywhere these days.   My get up and go has got up and went!  Having such mobility problems that it takes all the fun out of me.  The issue's I've had for so long on just the right side have begun in earnest on the left.  I guess that's not really true, they have been building, maybe I just chose to ignore them? Then again, I have everything I need right here, maybe it's time to throw up the white flag and say you win?


Karen said...

Quitting is not allowed, plus it's no fun. I have been contemplating quitting when it comes to going out and about lately. The temps in my world for the past two weeks have been in the high 100's(F). My mobility is almost nil. So, I am pausing...but never quitting.

So okay, throw up the white flag temporarily, but know, there will come a time when your strength and need to move forward will return, in spite of what the MonSter deals out to us.

We have to remember, we are in control of the way we play the hand that is dealt to us.

Muffie said...

Don't give up. Fight until you have nothing left. I hate seeing this MonSter scoring victories.

awb said...

Karen & Muff – I agree that you have to fight with everything you have, but do we know how much we have left in the tank? Curious if I should stop raging against the machine and transition into another way of living? Debating quality over quantity.