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Sunday, July 21, 2013

shut In Rules, Breathing Issues Being Checked

These people think I am kidding about the shut in thing,  haven't been home since I posted that!   Out to dinner last night and tonight, the wife probably has me doing a 5 mile run tomorrow?  It's great getting out, but I'm exhausted.  Ok, need to modify my shut in parameters.  Maybe I need to limit the revelry to one night a week, not be quite the party animal?  Have to ease into this I suppose?

Have to have a sleep study and a pulmonary test to see what's causing the breathing problems?  Hard to describe really, it's not that I can't breathe, I just have this sudden gasp for air.  Don't feel it coming, don't feel it after, doesn't really bother me, but it's happening 40-50 times a day, so it's something that needs to be checked.  I'm burning up my new Medicare card!


Karen said...

Sounds like "wake apnea". I read about that somewhere. Not a typical MS symptom, but a recorded one. Has something to do with the autonomic nervous system. Good luck with the tests.

Muffie said...

Good luck, Andy. Glad you're getting out -- sorry it tires you so much.

awb said...

Karen - I'm a magnet for weird stuff!

Muff - I'm not happy if I'm not complaining about something.