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Monday, July 22, 2013

No Swimming Pool This Year, Teaching The Wife To Play Pitch

We didn't open the pool this year, so much going on with the mother-in-law we knew we wouldn't have time to enjoy it. We researched the home healthcare options, set up the father-in-law's long-term disability insurance, and tried to take our fair share of visiting with her. Plus right in the middle of all that while she was in a coma in GBMC hospital someone charged $1200 to her Macy's account! Macy's has been nothing if not a nightmare to deal with, not even allowing us to report the charges. They said when she woke up to have her call them! Miss the pool, but as busy as the wife is, and it being too much for me to do, didn't seem worthwhile for the little bit we would have gotten use of it.

Friends of ours have asked us to start playing cards with them. Their game of choice is pitch and asked if that would be okay with us? For those of you not familiar with hits, it consists of high, low, Jack, game. The wife doesn't know how to play and wants me to teach her? The last thing I tried to teach her was driving a clutch in my truck, that didn't go so well and after we put the fire out she decided she didn't need to learn that! I'm going to give it a go but my plan is to ask for a different partner!


Muffie said...

Sorry about no pool. So, if you teach your wife how to play, will the cards ignite??

awb said...

Muff – she is an educated, intelligent, capable woman, unless I tell her something, then she twirls her blonde hair on her finger and says "what" ?

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