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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Storage Shelves Installed, Going Through The Motions With The Neurologist

The father in law's house went on the market, he's not very happy about it, even less so about leaving his shelves there.  Hey, a guy can be proud of his shelves!  He wanted to know if I wanted them, since I don't turn anything down that's free, and we really needed them to organize the basement, I said yes.  So my almost 90 year old father in law, and my almost 70 year old brother in law took them apart, transported them here, and are reassembling them in our basement while I watch.  Life stings sometimes?


Go to see the neuro on Friday morning, should be a hoot!  They called tonight at 8 pm, missed the call, curious what that was all about?  I'm guessing it was to tell me there was a cure, but I'm not positive?  Probably to tell me there isn't anything they can do for me, try to make me comfortable, and tell me they will be praying for me?  No, wait, that's what they told me last time!  We will see what we see, not overly confident.

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