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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pedro Strops Hat, Grass Fed Meats and Free Range Chicken

OK, I'm watching the O's, watched them when they couldn't buy a win, true fan.  Somebody has to make Pedro Strop wear his hat straight!  What's the deal with?  Is it an individual thing, or is his head crooked?  If it's a birth defect, I apologize.  If it's not, somebody fix it.  What if he wants to wear it backwards tomorrow?  I hate rules, but if I have to follow them, I expect everyone to do the same.  If need be, I can send MLB the definition of uniform.

The wife got me some grass fed beef and pork this week, both from Clark's Elioak Farm.  My plan is to eat as much of my protein as I can this way.  We are due to go back up to Rousedale Farm for more free range chicken and naturally grown veggies.  I'm no expert, not a scientist either, but it seems to me the less chemicals we put into our bodies the better.  Also, if I'm going to eat this way, avoid certain things, shouldn't I avoid animals that are eating things they shouldn't have?


Karen said...

When I eat meat, it's always organic, free range, grass fed etc etc. I also eat organic veg. I have since my hippy days...way back when.

awb said...

Karen - I'm trying to be a hippy!


Patrick said...

Showing my age here but when you say Clark's Farm my mind goes to the remnants of "Enchanted Forest" preserved out there. I'm sure happy cattle and pigs are important but when a family farm understand the importance of preserving memories, to me that says it all!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick