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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beach Bound, Men's Shelter Starting Back Up

So the wife and me are going with the K-lines to the beach this weekend, should be a hoot.  The neighbors were giving me a hard time about the kids being home alone, about the party that will surely ensue.  I told them, my children wouldn't do that....would they?  Na, they wouldn't do such a thing, they are 24 and 20, so they aren't preteens.  Why would they want to do something like that and become homeless?

Speaking of homeless, the Streets of Hope men's shelter will be starting up soon.  I will have to see how involved I will be able to be this year, this no driving is for the birds.  I will be able to coordinate the preparation of the meals, not sure about being able to get the meals to the churches in time for the guys to eat?  Either way it goes, we will make sure it's covered, and we enjoy spending time with the dudes.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

The kids do not want to be homeless is funny....and talking to the homeless guys will be fun

awb said...

Kim - The kids aren't homeless, all went well.