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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mother In Law Doing Great, Eating Healthy, Feeling Better?

What a wild ride the last few weeks have been!  The mother in law is doing great, she is amazing.  Memory isn't back 100%, may never be?  What we do see are flashes from the past, her setting the table, being alert, well rested, it's great!  We are doing the cooking for them right now, trying to get into a rhythm and figure out how we are going to proceed.  Sure is more encouraging than her dosing off all day, showing no interest in anything.

My new way of eating is still a success, I must be 3 years into by now?  Lost a ton of weight, trying to figure out how I fell.  The right hand I was talking about in July doing so well, it's broken here in August.  Trying to figure out if I should ween myself off of the Baclofen?  The hand is almost paralyzed, lucky I'm not driving, don't know I could express myself to other driver!  I'm sticking with it, not a single slip in 2 months.

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