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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Great Beach Getaway, Paleo Diet Slip

What a great weekend at the beach!  The weather was great, the parents came and met us Saturday night for dinner, then sat on the veranda in rocking chairs and people watched.  Went up on the beach Saturday, almost killed me, sand walking is now on my list of things I both hate, and stink at.    We had a wicked cool storm roll in, took about 5 minutes, came from the north and south, met right in front of us, cool.

Strayed off my eating plan whilst away, only slightly, but it wrecked my system.  Had a soda one day, sweet potato fries another, and it almost killed me.  My system is a finely tuned machine, it was like putting diesel fuel into a race car!  Doesn't sound like much of a slip, but I've had no sugar for over 2 months, it was enough.  Did I mention the fries were coated in sugar and cinnamon?  They were really good, but no more, 65 lbs down, getting there.


Muffie said...

Sounds like a great time. I can't do the beach anymore -- walking on sand is impossible. And this from a Jersey Shore girl! Great work on the diet!

awb said...

Muff - Got my big ass down on the blanket, thought we were going to have to have the coast guard fly in to get me up!