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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baclofen Adjustment, And Out Of Afghanistan By Christmas

Under the 270 mark, yes, yes, I turn sideways and stick my tongue out and I look like a zipper.  Started to adjust my Baclofen, having real functional problems with the right hand still.  If my heart is really in this whole diet thing, need to give this try.  I am thinking that if my diet can create better conditions for healing, it's possible my hand is doing better and the Baclofen is now causing problems, needs to be tapered down.  I know, I thought it too, why just the right hand?  Stay tuned.

Time to get out of the middle east, it's not working.  2031 US deaths in Afghanistan, 3187 coalition deaths.  I could have trained an army of toothless inbred simpletons   as security force in the time it has taken the US to train an Afgan force that is still not ready, and is turning on, and killing us.  Cut off the money, no aid of any kind, warn them once, any trouble we bomb them with drones back to the dawn of time.  No more games, bring our children home by Christmas, Obama and Romney in a joint news conference of solidarity.


Muffie said...

Your lips to God's ears. (except for the bombing part. I hate war.)
You are doing so fantastic on your diet!! Has it become a lifestyle yet? I hope the backing off of the Baclofen helps the hand!

awb said...

Muff - My goal is to be the healthiest person in the US with an incurable!