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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back Broke Again, Parade Was Great, But Costly

So everything is going great, feeling good, dropping some pounds, even commented to the wife how good my back was feeling.  Yesterday I'm in the kitchen, just finished a fine snack of watermelon, reached for a napkin and bang!  I went down like I had been shot from a book suppository.  It's the price I pay for trying to get out and live life amongst the humans I suppose?

We rode in a 4th of July parade the other day with friends, had a ball.  Of course I had to dehydrate myself, stop taking the Miralax for a few days, all in hopes of not getting caught short.  Saw a bunch of people I knew, got to see the sights, and had a chance to wear a nifty hat.  Also baked in the sun, and will pay the price for days to come.  Seems like a lot to go through to ride in a car?


Muffie said...

Sorry about the back. Book suppository??? Too much! Loved the hat!

Karen said...

Live in the moment Andy! Good on ya!

awb said...

Muff - Norm Crosby was my hero!

Karen - We had a great time!