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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back Has Me Down, Vacation Bible School Time

the only place I seem to be able to get comfortable is laying in bed, not my favorite choice.  I went down this morning to listen to a Prairie home companion on the radio, one of my favorites.  I knew I was in trouble when I got halfway to down my seat and I just collapsed.  The next problem came when I tried to get up.  Combine weak, wobbly legs, with the back that is unsteady, to say the least.  Probably have to schedule another back injection, doesn't look like rest is going to do it.

the wife is still at church, setting up for vacation Bible school.  She's doing it again this year, takes a weeks vacation to do so, pretty cool.  She is the craft specialist, and like everything puts her heart and soul into it.  she has great memories of vacation Bible school from when she was a child.  she's a good girl, the kind that makes a difference for other people, she sure made a difference for me!


Karen said...

I loved vacation bible school when I was kid!

Patrick said...

I know it not the same but as a caregiver I took health for granted. During my recovery from lung cancer surgery was the first time I ever knew pain to dictate how I lived a day. Reading about you not being able to get comfortable or getting halfway down brought back the pain and the worries (oh hell let's be honest - the fears) that I would not be able to return to the way I was before surgery. After 8 weeks when I was finally able to actually transfer my wife again then I felt safe.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog Hope you are feeling better and the legs and back are improved

awb said...

Karen - My memories of church as a kid are of me crying under the crib in my helmet! I'm told I cried non stop until age 5 or 6? The helmet....don't ask!

Patrick - And here I am pissin and moanin about a little back pain! Rock on Patrick.

Carole - Thanks right back at ya.