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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hot And Humid, What Do You Eat To Be Healthy

it's going to be a scorcher again today, almost 95° and it's not even 11 AM.  Friend of ours picked today to have her air conditioning go up, poor planning, if you ask me.  Don't know what I would do if I didn't have air conditioning, though I was 13 before I ever lived in a house that had it, but the stakes are different now.  The in- law's are in their 80s and never turn the A/C on!  Maybe that's why they are in their 80s, they are just tougher than me?  all I know is I have the air-conditioning blasting, a fan right on me, and my eyes are still flickering in and out.  Oh well, I guess I'm not 13 anymore?

okay, so I am really, truly, honestly interested in eating better, either the swank diet, or the Paleolithic diet.  Here's my problem, what do you eat?  Mornings  are easy, a mitochondria drink made with kale, grapes, apple, banana, a little water, and some ice, all thrown into a blender.  What do you eat for lunch?  A plateful of greens, sulfur vegetables, what in the hell are sulfur vegetables?  It would be so much easier if it was like when I was a kid and my mother would just give me a plateful of food, sulfur vegetables, indeed!


Karen said...

Hi Andy,

It's 98 here, going past 100 this aft. I have the ac on, but I'm still suffering.

Adjusting to the new diet is difficult. There are a couple of books I can suggest for you, that have recipes and menu ideas.

"The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book", by by Roy Laver Swank and Barbara Brewer Dugan.

"Cooking Well:Multiple Sclerosis:Over 75 Easy And Delicious Recipes" by by Marie Courtier and Vincent F. Macaluso MD

Both are available from Amazon.

Becky Miller said...

There’s a free downloadable chapter from a brand new book and lots of information online at about how to avoid making your MS worse – and even how to begin to see improvement in your symptoms. It’s a simple diet. All you have to do is give up smoking, aspartame (diet sodas, lite yogurts, chewing gum), tomatoes, home- or commercially-canned fruits and vegetables, and packaged or bottled juices. Please check it out. It really works and could give you your life back!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I feel for you in this heat...we have a/c or I would die! I cannot give advice when it comes to eating healthy...I hope you can