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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dr Terry Wahls Diet, Swimming Pool Ready To Go

So what does everyone know about the Paleo diet?  Had run across info about Dr Terry Wahls a way back, she was chair bound with SPMS and now bikes 5 miles to work everyday.  Seems to make so much sense, I look at the crap I eat normally, know it's not good for me, but can food have that kind of impact?  I think I'm going to do it, what do I have to lose except maybe weight?  No legumes, soy and gluten free and no dairy, so I'd better polish off that 1/2 quart of butter pecan!

Went swimming for the first time today, this year obviously, I mean I've been swimming before.  Had a problem with the liner, when we took the cover off we notice the liner had popped out of the grove holding it in place.  Had a guy come out and fix it, but we had to take 2 feet of water out of the pool.  Filled it back up today, was 100 degrees, so I decided to take a dip.  I do believe my ms is the only thing keeping me from realizing I now have polio?  That water was cold, but it felt grand once I was acclimated.


Patrick said...

Back in 1990 we tried the Swank MS Diet for my wife, never got too far as trying to juggle being a spouse caregiver and basically a single parent of a toddler was more than I could handle without being a 'food nazi'.:)

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Karen said...

I have been on the Swank diet since 2009. It's pretty strick, but easier than the Wahls. I have never taken any DMD's or any other kind of drugs for the MS. I also take mega doses of Vitamin D3. I'm holding my own.
Was 102 here today, wish I had a pool!

awb said...

Patrick - I need a food nazi to keep me from eating everything that's not nailed down!

Karen - I've done all of the DMD's over the last 25 years, time to change my food.