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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MS Has Won, No More Just Checking Doctors Visits

Officially throwing in the towel today, no more hoops for me.  The wife and I were in the car, on our way, heading towards the tunnel when I said enough is enough!  We were heading down to U of MD hospital to see Dr. Walter Royal, the head of the ms clinic.  Royal actually gave me my diagnoses back in '87 when he was at Hopkins hospital.  Dr Jerold Fleishman is my neuro of choice, has been for over 20 years, but he has me go to see an expert to make sure we are on the right track.  The track has officially run out.

Done did all the injections, all the infusions, chemotherapy, the pill, everything but tysabri.  Royal confirmed last visit I had in fact changed to SPMS, nothing else for him to check on.  With an internet connection or a library card I can go on the website and see if there is anything new, no need to have the wife miss half a day of work going in town at lunch time to hear him say it.  No more appearance sake doctor visits, time to embrace the horror, this isn't getting better, get over it!  That was cleansing, how is everyone else?


Karen said...

I'm sorry.

Some of us are not going to get better. I don't think one can ever "get over" the horror and reality of that.

Muffie said...

Same here, Andy. Once you're no longer part of the R&R club, there's not too much that can be done. I just try to watch what I eat, exercise, stay out of the heat, and get well rested. Until they find a cure or something for the progression, there's not much else we can do. Hang in there.

jjblessed said...

Depressing, but true I guess. Hit me in the face like a ton of bricks. Hold up!!! I'm NOT buying it. There's always God, and He's more than enough. Can't be swayed by everything you see and hear. We are to "Walk by FAITH, and not by sight." (no matter what it looks like).

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

You describe the doctors hoops and appearance sake visits so sorry for your news. I wonder if we all change from R&R eventually??? it is dreaded news either way
ps. I have been to so many doctors lately...I have nothing else to blog about

awb said...

Karen - I'm not finished yet, sometimes I just whimper.

Muff - Wish this was one club we could opt out of.

JJ - If you ain't buying, then I ain't selling, onward we go!

Kim - I actually changed 3 years ago, just had the epiphany of why go now.