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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Visiting The Folks, End Of A Garden Empire

On the Eastern shore spending a few days with the parents.  The wife dropped me off Tuesday, has been in a bar ever since!  Plan right now is for us to meet her Monday at a halfway point, almost like when divorced parents have joint custody.  Been great to visit with the folks, gives the gang at home a break too.  The parents are about 140 years old, so we eat dinner about 3:30 everyday, but other than that it's been great to see them.

When I get home going to supervise the dismantling of the veggie garden.  The gang at home doesn't share my interest for it, not fair to make them do it, and it's no fun watching them do it, not a spectator event.  Not doing the church garden either, same reason.  Discouraging, but life goes on.


Muffie said...

Andy, if your family and church don't like the garden, maybe you could get some school kids to tend it. Is there a school nearby? Perhaps you might give a guest lecture on gardening, then invite local kids to take turns planting, weeding, and reaping some of the crop.

awb said...

Hey Muffie - The church garden will continue, I will just be a spectator this year. I think they plan to use the scout troops to help with the chores.


Mrs. Mom said...

You can always cook your own meal from now on, enchilladas and chocolate milk might be what you fix. 140 years old. You are a brat.

awb said...

Oh, hey mom! That was the boy what typed that, already grounded him.