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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Aged Pork, And Cribbage Anyone?

Had one of my favorite meals, the mother's ham and cabbage.  She puts it all in a pot, potatoes too, and boils it for about 8 hours, killer!  We were just finishing up when she told me it was good to use up the ham, with just the two of them here she worries about it going to waste.  The ham was from Easter.  Tasted great, and I'm sure they have funeral homes on the Eastern shore.  For lunch tomorrow we are having chicken salad from new years eve!

The father and I have been playing cards, cribbage to be exact.  He beat me the first couple of days like a red headed mule, but I've come back strong and am currently holding my own.  The family has always played a lot of cards, the boy wrote a "what I did last summer" paper about playing poker with the father in a cemetery, he was 10.  The father shuffles the cards for me but shows no mercy, though he claims to when he loses.  Time to go out and see who prevails, feeling lucky!

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