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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stop Buying Congress Breakfast, and Kid Cleaning Crew

Saw a piece on the news tonight, department of defense spent $12 for bran muffins, $10 brownies, even coffee that was something like a billion dollars an ounce, crazy! I imagine there are arguments, things are expensive, it's a hard job, you name it. Answer me this, why are we buying them anything at all? Who bought breakfast for you this morning? They want to cut costs, let them eat their grape nuts before they go to work! Write your congressional representative and tell them you want the free start breakfast stopped.

Kids covered the pool today, we are slugs, always late doing it. It took them longer to blow up the float than it did to put the cover on. Scared me to watch them try and figure out the best way to blow it up, but they did it! Since they were so quick with it, and I had captive minions, we did a little fall cleaning to knock down the dust. Kids ask great questions. Told the boy to take the picture off the wall and dust behind it, he said why? The girl came in, said why is he cleaning behind the pictures? I am actually scared to tell the wife this story!


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Kids are funny how they think about is also understandable (behind the pics):)

awb said...

Kim - Not saying you do it every time, but once every 10 years can't kill ya!