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Friday, September 9, 2011

Changing Neurologist, MS Changed Me

Waiting to hear from the pharmacy, going to do a home infusion of go juice, maybe something that will become a regular gig.  Neuro wants me to go see a different doc, one that specializes in MS, he thinks he's done all he can.  Going to the MS clinic at U of MD hospital, been before, so they will work their magic, get me hitting on all cylinders again.  Dr. Royal is actually the first neuro I went to see, way back in like 1985 when he was at Johns Hopkins.  Do me a favor and keep your fingers crossed, one of the many things I can't do anymore.

I said in my last post I missed the old Andy, and I really do.  More importantly I missed out on the opportunity to see what the Andy of 2011 would have been like without MS.  What would I have done with my life, the last 14 years in particular?  I was just retired as long as I worked on August 19th, 5100 days.  I know I shouldn't think about things like that, but can't seem to get it out of mind.  Would I have accomplished anything with that time, don't know.  I do know it wouldn't have been as lonely as the past 14 years have been!


Anonymous said...

When I was diagnosed with MS, I was told I would probably never have a major episode because I was over 50. I was silently praying as you got closer to that age you would have something good happen. There is still time. I wish you well.
Love, Aunt Sonie

awb said...

Hey Aunt Sonie - Silent hell, I'm making plenty of noise with it! You get what you get I suppose, doesn't mean you have to like it.


Findyourdrug Websearch said...

My son's symptoms were over a three-month period. It started in his back. On and off for two months, my son had pains and aches across the middle of his back. We saw my aunt who is a chiropractor and then my son's doctor. Both said he was very tight across his back and suggested physical therapy. It didn't help. That subsided and then his pinky finger went numb for a few days...again, that subsided. A month later, I noticed he was walking funny...that also subsided. The back pain came again, but this time my son called it a “buzzy” feeling...but it subsided. Somewhere in the middle of all this, he experienced balance issues, only once though. We knew something wasn't right. Right before our doctor's appointment we noticed his left side was a little weak. His doctor confirmed that he was definitely having issues with balance and reflexes. He referred us to a neurologist. That same night, we had his first spinal MRI and then a day later the brain MRI. Both tests confirmed MS. Turns out he has many lesions in his spine that were causing the back issues. I hope this helps someone. We haven't met any MS patients that actually started with the back pain.

awb said...

Hey Find - Thanks for sharing.

Libby said...

find, that is different, & i appreciate you for sharing! thanks!