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Saturday, September 24, 2011

No Jobs To Be Found, MS Eyes Slowing My Driving

What a horrible time it is to be looking for work, any kind of work. The girl had a fit of a time finding a part time job, and the boy has worn himself out looking for full time work. Both have something, looks like the boy has found work at a retirement community, and the girl is queen cupcake at Cake Cottage. I'm trying to talk them both into buying a small spread and raising meat rabbits, not having much luck?

Not sure if I drive anymore, probably as much a question of confidence as anything else? My eyes are all messed, visual acuity almost gone. Been to neuros, been to eye doctors, even neuro eye doctors, and they all say the same thing, good question! The question being why does it feel like I'm looking through chocolate milk? Chocolate milk was a nice touch, right, made it much worse that regular. Gave my truck to the boy, so currently have no dedicated wheels, probably won't soup up my tricycle either? A small world has gotten smaller.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

So sorry about the eyes....mine are getting a bit worse too. Jobs??

Herrad said...

hi andy,
giving your son your truck must have been difficult,well done for seeing you needed to make aa decision and not putting it off and making your decision.

awb said...

Kim - Jobs that the kids need, not me, that's a 4 letter word!

Herrad - It was hard, but deep down in that "place", I knew it was time.


Libby said...

giving up my driver's license was the hardest thing i ever did, but it was better for me to make that decision than to wait & make somebody else tell me~!

awb said...

Libby - It's been coming, now I need my hopped up electric Schwinn tricycle.