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Monday, September 26, 2011

Numbness In Hands And Arms, And I Want To Be A Rabbit Rancher

Make a fist, then clinch it 20 times a minute, that's what today brought. Also brought the blues on in torrents! It's always right there, like to say just below the surface, but I'd be lying. Don't know that the depression has ever not been on top? The speed at which the disability is accumulating isn't helping matters much either. Sure hoping this new hand jive doesn't stick around, not digging it at all!

Told the wife I was to sell everything, buy a house in the country, start a rabbit ranch. She told me she was pretty sure I was an idiot. asked her to let me know when she was certain. She asked, out of curiosity, what do rabbit ranchers wear? Seemed a silly inquiry, but I told her, like any rancher I would wear cowboy garb, leather chaps, cowboy hat, spurs, the whole 9 yards. She of course would wear the same thing as Miss October, she was a bunny! She informed me she had made up her mind, I had arrived.


Herrad said...

hi andy,
a rabbit ranch sounds a great idea.

Herrad said...

ps i hope your hand gets more relaxed

Libby said...

rabbit ranching, huh...are you sure you're not slipping in to senility, errr, oops, your second childhood? or are you talking about a bunny ranch, out in utah? (giggle)

awb said...

Herrad - thanks we will see what happens?

Libby - Talking 3 rabbits and all the meat we can eat!