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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Take My Medicare, Please!

Having a horrible time with my insurance company, Cigna. The county switched us over from Mamsi, so that was my "choice". That was the hundredth time they switched up, no big deal, but it didn't go as seamless as it has in the past. Cigna kept sending everything to Mamsi, royal pain, but it all got straightened out, for everyone but me. Now Cigna keeps sending everything to Medicare, which would be fine if I had Medicare!

Here's the thing, I have part A, but nothing else. I didn't know I had part A until after I had back surgery last year, never got a card, no money came out of my check, but I had it starting June of 1999. Cigna keeps telling me, in a denial letter, that I need a copy of my eob, explanation of benefits, to show why Medicare part B didn't cover it. Medicare doesn't issue eob's to people who don't have Medicare! I think I have it straightened out, but it takes 15 days for them render a decision, each time, until then I'm afraid to go to the doctors.


Nicole said...

Is there a point where they make you go on Medicare?

awb said...

Nicole - I'm finding out I probably should have gone 12 years ago when part A automatically started because SSI. Will let you know what I find out.


renee alberts said...

Most medicare advantage plans have lower copayments than the traditional Medicare plans.