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Monday, June 27, 2011

MS Ate My Right Hand, And Home Surgery Was A Huge Success

Coming to grips with how fast the right hand is becoming nothing more than a fancy paperweight. Coming to grips, damn, I'm funny even when I don't try! The dead feeling is spreading the same way the tingling spread. I remember thinking when that started to spread from one finger to the next, this ain't so bad. This ain't the same thing. I changed the mouse buttons months ago, index finger died first, so now I use my middle finger. Next three all went together, taking both my mouse operation finger, and one of my favorite means of communication!

Did some home surgery the other day, when you hear this one, well you're just going to laugh! I inherited my grandfather's hanging skin tags, lucky me. The luck part is they are in places that don't show. Had the brilliant idea to take care of one all by myself, show some initiative. Heard from boyhood that country folk would tie string around them, they wither, fall off in a few days. Nu-uh. Mine grew, engulfed with blood, and began to fester!

Father's day evening, around midnight, I hit it, started to bleed. I know, same thing I thought, time to cut it off. I gathered my supplies, went up into the bathroom, and on the third try, sliced it off! Not too, too painful, but it was a bleeder! Turns out it probably need a stitch or 2, but I didn't have any catgut, so I just lather on a thick coat of Neosporin and clogged the whole damn thing up. No infection, no bill, no waiting, done is done. The wife made me promise I'd let the doctor take care of the next one.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

No more home surgery :) Sorry for the hand, I have the numb hand also. I can use it but feel like I wear a glove on it. Typing has helped my dexterity some??

awb said...

Kim - I'm getting like Bob Dole, the hand is just something heavy to carr8y around!


Diane J Standiford said...

I am wetting my Depend. I have a skin tag under my eye, but it is very flat and blends it. I have considered a straight razor to take it off...YOU, however, are crazy! People LIVE longer nowadays cause they DON'T do what grandpas used ta. Men.

Nicole said...

I don't know what a skin tag is. The numbness. Sounds like you are ready. I'm sure it's still go to be a bummer.

awb said...

Diane - It was one of those moments in life that called for action, no thought, once more into the breach! Yes, a guy moment, HA!

Nicole - It's something fat old men get, don't worry, you're safe.