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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Multiple Sclerosis And Heat, And Visiting Family In Boston

It is like Africa hot in Baltimore, or what I think of as Africa hot, the days you see the lions laying next to gazelles, too hot to eat them. Gazelles could probably eat this lion it's so hot here! I walked out back to see about watering the farm, was dehydrated and had a heat stroke before I took 10 steps, that's hot! So damn humid, can't stand it. Luckily Multiple Sclerosis thrives in heat and humidity, so at least I'm not having any problems from that! Pool is great, but you have to get to and fro, not a small feat without the bioness off. I wish we had had a spring.

Planned a trip in August, going to Boston to visit family. The wife set everything up, the parents are going with us, stay with the aunt and uncle, should be a hoot! Be the first I've flown since the beast has gotten worse, curious how I'll do? Never liked flying, but now with balance and vision issues hope I don't scream all the way there! Tell me that wouldn't be funny, a 6'5", 300# man screaming for an hour and 15 minutes straight, the marshal would have to shoot me!


Patrick said...

You are 'lucky' that heat and humidity doesn't whack you. Took my wife Patti out for ice cream last night and she zombiefied in just the brief distance between air conditioned wheelchair van and air conditioned buildings.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Muffie said...

Good luck with the trip, Andy. Be sure to do your research on disabled travel, so you don't encounter any roadblocks. And, yeah, we have the same Heat up here in NJ.

awb said...

Patrick - I was being a smart ass, the heat kills me too.

Muff - Everywhere north of my house is supposed to have snow year round, what gives?