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Friday, June 10, 2011

Great Pool Day, And Harford County Restaurant Week

What a great pool day, not too hot, but the water was nice, perfect. The wife and me floated, talked, just the sound of the next door neighbors playing Yatzee. We got old at some point, missed it somehow? Had a couple of sodas, just us too, no music, it was great! If I knew it was this much fun I would have gotten old years ago!

Went out to dinner last night, Harford County had its restaurant week. Restaurant week is a load of places that have pick one of 3 appetizer, main dish and dessert, all for $20.11. Went with another couple to Silks, the club house at a golf course, not too impressed. Small portions, very small in fact, and not all that good. Surprised me because most of these places use it as a showcase for their places. I wouldn't go back, but the company was great!

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