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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Koon's Chevy Salesman From Hell

So it's new car time, a time I put up there with taxes, surgery, and spending time with that one relative... you get my point. I HATE IT! When did reliable used cars get out of the $1,000 range? I know as much about cars as I do about nuclear fission, just enough to get by, but I do know I don't like old time car salesmen. We had one yesterday. We called Koon's Chevy right down the street about a car we saw in their inventory. Salesman told us yes, we have that car, it's a fine car, but someone is coming to look at it at 7, could you come down now, if not it may be gone? Told the wife, bell #1!

We go down, nothing else happening on a 100 degree day, let's go look at cars. We get there and our sales dude says he has to go find the keys, takes us out to the wrong car, and proceeds to tell us this long yarn. The car someone else was going to beat us too is in another city, not even in Baltimore. He forgot that part. He has this car that is comparable in all ways, except it has 100,000 MORE miles than we wanted, cost $4,000 MORE than we wanted to spend, and we can't drive it because it has some "DIFFICULTIES"! all I have to say about it is this guy must be one of the Koon's kids, no other way you'd keep him around!


Muffie said...

That almost sounds like a sitcom plot!! Hope things get better as you car shop!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I feel your pain:). Yes when did the used cars get so high? We need a new van but keep repairing the old one for now....
ps I agree with muffie

awb said...

Muff - I can be rather imposing, even with the cane, people think it must be from a sporting injury. In my rudest, harshest, most stern voice I told him what I thought. He responded with, can I show you anything else?

Kim - We bought a car, next time I'm staying home!