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Friday, May 6, 2011

Parents For Mothers Day, Lucky To Have All 4 Of Them

The parents are coming to town for mothers day, we have a weekend of fun and hilarity planned. The mother and wife are going to a ladies tea at church tomorrow afternoon, then we all go to a church dinner after that. If it wasn't for church food, we wouldn't eat! It's going to be great spending with day Sunday with all the mothers. The whole gang will be here, we are very lucky to have both our Moms, and we know it.

While the girls are tea-ing it tomorrow, pinkies in the air, the father and me will be out digging in the yard. Have some things that need to be done, the father, The 76 year old father will be here to run circles around me. The 85 year old father in law will probably be here to help. I hate them both! They are like the energizer bunnies, and I am like, what's the opposite of that? Whatever it is, I'm that. Glad they're that way, it is really something to see, as I watch from my chair!

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